Meat Bundles
Rivers Edge Meat Market & Catering
Do you have one of your own Beef or Hog or interested in our own raised Beef or Hog?
Check the Processing Page for more information;
prices are subject to change at any time.

                                      Our new location is at: 521 S. Main Street, Jefferson

 Updated: 3-27-14 - The 3 original Bundles - Beef, Pork, and Variety - have changed prices or items. Please understand that we keep our prices as low as possible, but prices on these animals keep rising.

We try to keep these Bundles on hand at all times but if your traveling from out of town, please call ahead. For any questions or would like to order before your visit, please call us at #920-674-6466.



ATTENTION: The Pork Bundle has recently changed! There will NO longer be Homemade Brats included in the $100.00 as of 9-30-14